Monday, October 15, 2012

Well Hello, Monday.

Welcome to Monday. Do you like my new shirt? Found it on the clearance rack. I think it kind of sums up Monday. If you've never seen this video and can handle inappropriate language, click here. Hilarious.

Easy dinner last night. Edamame and pot stickers. I made rice too.

And an apple pie for Inspector Gadget. It's his favorite. Good thing, because he's the only one that will eat it.

My Sunday morning started off with a bang. More like a crash really. I got laundry and dishes going and set out to deep clean my refrigerator. Had my bucket of cleaning solution, rags, towels, etc. I removed the items from the bottom shelf and decided to remove the shelf to clean it more thoroughly. It clearly said on the glass shelf to wash in warm, soapy water. I used coldish water over my kitchen sink. That sucker exploded into a billion pieces. Glass shot everywhere. I received a small cut on my palm. Hollywood and Inspector Gadget rushed in to help. I had to get shoes on first thing. I was surrounded by glass, barefoot and frozen in place.

Hollywood swept the dining and kitchen area, while the Inspector used the shop vac to get all the glass out of the sinks and counters. I scraped up what I could with a pastry scraper. It was in piles! What a mess. I swept the kitchen again and then drug out the vacuum. I'm still finding bits of glass, but I think we got most of it. I know I'll be wearing shoes in the kitchen for a while. We had a new shelf ordered within minutes of the disaster. Meanwhile, a wire-coated shelf from the drink fridge fit perfectly. Morale of story: don't clean your refrigerator.

I'm ready to sew this week. We were out of town Saturday, so I missed time with Red, my sewing machine. I'm going to rush through work and chores to fit in some sewing time. Wish me luck. 


  1. holy crap. I'd have thought warm water would be far more likely to shatter the glass. eek. I love the moral of your story and I'll be sure to use it anytime someone complains about the state of my fridge... love the honey badger shirt!

  2. Gosh this totally sounds like a my kind of thing...all the prep and then it turns near disaster. Good thing your injuries are minor. I love the Internet for replacements, bet this has happened alot


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