Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Stash #91

Puttering around with the scraps again. I thought this random railfence block looked like a lot of fun. I might have to make a few more blocks today. They were quick. Where did I get all that pink?

May's Kona solids delivery. Tomorrow is already June! I wonder what colors June will bring?

All these beauties were on sale. I love a good fabric sale!

Have a great week friends!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Simply Saturday

I thought this Try The World food subscription service was kind of cool. My first box features foods from Argentina. I'm a sucker for home delivered items. Makes my day to get a package in the mail or on my front porch. I miss swapping when I received stuff all the time.

I also joined a spice blend of the month club. Too much time on my hands, obviously. That's really not the case, but I do tend to get easily distracted between projects at work.

Here's our guild's June block of the month. It was a fun one, even if I did mess up in the beginning. I love seeing all the blocks that everyone creates. Maybe I'll win this time!

The Inspector and I are proud parents of two college graduates! I was so happy they were able to graduate together. They both earned business degrees from UCF, my alma mater. So proud of these little boogers. I guess I can't call College Boy, College Boy any longer. Hollywood will always be Hollywood!

It's salad caprese time! My basil plant is thriving and the tomatoes are getting good. No one is happier about caprese than Miss. Hollywood. Buy stock in mozzarella.

I finished my jelly roll quilt top. Such an easy and fun pattern. I love how the white on the blocks create the look of sashing. It's time to gather some tops to send to the longarm quilter. I'm going to do the little quilts myself, but I need help on these larger ones.

TV is so boring over the summer. I did catch two good movies that are at RedBox. Gone Girl and Big Eyes. Now I'm cruising NetFlix for a fix. I highly recommend Grace & Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I just started watching Between. I need some books on tape or fun shows/movies if you have any recommendations.

Have a happy weekend! I'm off to sew.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Funny, ha, ha!

Do you need a laugh today?

I stumbled across this adorable collection of illustrations a father created of his toddler's sayings. Oh my gosh, I forget how funny little kids are.

Sorry to see Mad Men end. Being in the ad biz myself, I enjoyed seeing how advertising was done mid-century. It's still exactly the same. Ha!  This finale recap is hilarious. It was written by someone who had never seen the show. Warning: SPOILER ALERT.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Beach Bumming

We had a fun sewing day at Cocoa Beach Saturday. My guild buddy has a gorgeous place on the beach. It's paradise. I wish I could win the lottery. A beach house would be high on the shopping list. Being at the beach is so relaxing. I love everything about it. Maybe I should actually play the lottery.

We sewed in the rec room. Break time was a stroll on the nearly deserted beach. The water was a little too cool for a dip, but the weather was exquisite. We finally had a perfect spring day. April has been a steamy scorcher. It was like we went straight to summer. This weekend was cooler.

Alejandrina made a huge spread of gourmet goodies. She has the largest collection of cookbooks I've ever seen. I could spend weeks browsing through her cookbooks. I love how they're all on a wall in her kitchen. Lunch was falafel with tahini sauce, meatballs with tzatziki, chicken salad, roasted vegetables with vinaigrette and a spinach and cheese strata. Oh my word! Everything was so good.

I chose an easier project as we get talking and anything complicated gets messed up quickly. I've made this jelly roll quilt before and I remember it being fun and easy. And I loved the results. I think it's the only pattern I've ever duplicated. It was a last minute decision as I threw my stuff into the bag before leaving.

The fabric line is "Ashton Road" by Valori Wells. Jelly rolls are fun sometimes. Not a lot of thinking since it all kinds of goes together. I made 20 of these strip sets.

Then sub cut them today into 3.5" sections. Here they are all stacked up and ready to be paired into blocks. That will have to wait until my next sewing session. This laundry ain't doing itself.

Someone was no help. Note fabric scraps on carpet. How did those get way over there? I can't disturb Mr. Bones with the vacuum cleaner, so they stay. Well that's my story and I'm sticking with it. Have a great week.

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