Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Heart You.

Happy belated Valentine's Day! I received this little beauty in a doll quilt swap I used to host over on the Quilting Board. We had so much fun making and swapping little quilts The hearts mini was made by Crazy Quilting Robin. It is beautifully crafted. Don't be jealous of the retro tile in my foyer. Maybe one day it will come back into style. [eye roll]

I found these gigantic turkey legs at the meat market. I would have liked to see the turkey they held up. I don't think the entire turkey would have fit in my oven. I threw them into the crockpot on a bed of veggies and a splash of wine before I left for work.

Here they are after work. They cooked a browned nicely. The juices and veggies made a good gravy for mashed potatoes.

I'm getting ready for QuiltCon next week. Wheee! I'm excited. A bunch of quilters are trading buttons so I got a few to swap.

Happy Valentine's Day to me! A pretty package of Valentine colored solids came for me this week. I have a plan for my solids and I'm eager to get started on it. I believe today is the day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Quilt Museum

The quilt shop in Trenton, Florida was really cute, but Inspector Gadget found this quilt museum while riding his bike down the country roads. Once we were done with shopping and lunch, the Inspector came back and we went to the museum.

The museum is a huge log cabin building filled with quilts, antiques and handcrafted items for sale. It's darling. We were the only two visitors, but the ladies running the place were so funny and friendly. There are feral cats on the back side of the wrap-around porch. We spooked them by accident and they took off!
There was so much to see. They specialize in "rescuing" quilts from families that don't appreciate their relative's talents. Several of these antique quilts were saved from the landfill. I know. Horrors!

I almost bought this one. $50 for a twin size. It had silks and fun colors. Gorgeous.

They had plenty of sewing machines as well.

My last name is Lancaster. The Inspector had to show me how to hold a sickle. I haven't cut a lot of grain in my lifetime. Ha!

I hope you enjoyed a bit of the museum. I could have stayed there all day!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Food & Stash

I grilled a few lamp chops and served them with potato carrot mash, and salad. Red wine rounded out the meal.

Super Bowl day was filled with all kinds of bad for you foods. Queso fundito with chips to start...

Chicken wings. Duh. There were celery and carrot sticks just to get some veggies in people. Are they still healthy when you coat them in ranch dip?

But my favorite, grilled chicken livers. You marinate the livers in soy sauce and then grill them. They're finished with a drizzle of garlic lemon butter and parsley. Heaven. And all for me! No one else will eat them. Well, Bones will! The dog is my BFF when livers are around.

Our guild took a little field trip to a quilt shop in Trenton, Florida. Suwannde Valley Quilt Shoppe is darling. They have over 7,000 bolts of fabric to choose from. The staff is friendly and very helpful. There's even a bird who talks and makes sounds. He also bites. I did not get close enough to find out.
They had a vast selection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Kaffe has loaned them his quilts for their festival on March 21. I may have to go back to check those out.

Black and whites to add to my collection.

Cute old-timey Valentine's Day print and a repro in matching pink.

Fishies and frogs. The faces are what get me. Expressive animal faces. I may have a problem.

The cute little punch bowl cup turned pin cushion was too cute to leave there. I also picked up Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine. Lots of fun blocks to try out.

There's a cute cafe in the quilt shop that serves the best food and desserts. I had quiche and it was wonderful. There's also a stitch shop and antique shop next door. Very cute area. Small town, USA. I loved it. If you ever get the chance to visit Trenton, Florida, I'd highly recommend it.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Stash #86

So much for the fabric diet. I was near my local quilt shop, so I thought I'd show some love. This little shop doesn't have a huge selection, but I still like to support them.

Funny cats and chalkboard art.

Peppers and tomatoes.

Snoopy and Woodstock.

Sewing themes.

This Riley Black Giraffe Crossings was on sale.

Picked this one up at Wally World during a trip the Inspector dragged me on. Our Walmart started carrying fabric again. Guess removing fabric from the stores a few years ago wasn't the greatest idea in a nearly four billion dollar industry. Doh! Most of the fabric isn't of the greatest quality, but this Waverly print was nice. And their notions are very reasonably priced.

I bought another Grabbit pincushion (affiliate link). I love these magnetic pin cushions. I have one beside my machine, but I use my cutting table to pin quilt rows before I sew them, and then I forget to bring the pin cushion back to the machine. It even comes with a slew of pins.

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