Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Musings

What in the world? Now why would Ghirardelli make a dark chocolate square filled with sea salt caramel? Stop it, please. I haven't tried it yet, so it may be awful. Somehow I doubt it.

Turkey burgers with feta, tomato, and sprouts. I think I like turkey burgers better than beef burgers. I put all kinds of stuff in the turkey before I make the patties. I need to remember to make them flatter. Or bread sized. This was a 6" tall burger. Okay, maybe 4".

I made a selvage potholder for one of my buddies that saves me selvages. I like smaller potholders. I use them for hot pot lids and handles.

This one I made for myself using my Farmer's Market scraps and this tutorial. I did a simple four patch on the back.

Red was in serious need of a clean out. I got all the dust bunnies out, put a new needle on, and tackled the accessory drawer.

She's all organized now. And dust free. Let's sew!


  1. You had me at dark chocolate! Haha.
    Great selvage potholder too.

  2. The Sea Salt is NOT terrible. I just finished off a bag of them. Quite dangerous, in fact.


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