Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Butter Love

I was excited to start Ellison Lane Quilt's Scrappy Stash Quilt Along. My scraps were already organized by color, so it should be a fun project. I started with my favorite color. See the monkey in the middle? Found him in the orange scrap bag. My blocks finished a bit bigger (9.5"). I'm not sure I'll be doing all 48 blocks, but I'll make some. They were fun and I love the idea of putting a dent in those scraps. You know how they multiply over night.

I watched a Paula Deen Paula's Best Dishes episode that involved over five sticks of butter. Yikes! Must have been before her diabetes diagnosis. She's cooking much healthier now. The buttery dishes sounded and looked wonderful. Butter braised shrimp, buttery stone-ground grits, sour cream butter biscuits, and butter pecan ice cream topped with buttery cooked bananas. Are you hungry yet? I did give the sour cream butter biscuits a try. Absolutely amazing and only three ingredients!

The main dish was meat loaf which I primarily make for sandwiches. I pretend to like it hot for dinner. But what I really love is a cold meatloaf slice on toasted bread with mayo, salt, and pepper. Yum! Breakfast is served. I super minced the veggies and herbs since the food processor was still sitting out. Usually I just do a regular mince. These meat hands might be fun for Halloween.

I mix tomato sauce with brown sugar and dry mustard and use it as a topping the last few minutes of cooking. The meatloaf turned out a bit crumbly, but it will be fine for sandwiches.


  1. Fun blocks. Havent heard of this quilt along. I'm impressed with your organized scraps.

  2. love your blocks. those meat hands are freaking awesome - yes, you must make them. I watched a recent episode of Chopped where they were going on about how important it was for kids to eat healthy. what a hoot on a channel that glorifies all the food that is not so good for us.


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