Friday, October 12, 2012

Not Your Great Granny's Taters

 I whipped up these beautiful duchess potatoes the other night. Broke out a piping bag and everything. My 20-something year old professional piping bag finally pooped out so I switched to disposable bags. So much easier! Just trash them when you're done.

FAIL! They melted in the oven. They still tasted good but I was happy the queen wasn't coming to dinner. She looks like a good sport though. I bet she wouldn't bat an eye.

My ugly fabric block. It's called "Potager" and was designed by Yvonne Malone. I found the pattern in the book Modern Blocks. There are so many blocks I want to make in that book.

Granny and Great Granny squares were all the rage over the summer. Bloggers were crocheting them and making quilt blocks. I fell in love right away. The perfect block for scrappy lovers. This one is for our guild's BOM. They're all going to have red centers. If you want to make a block like this, the tutorial is fantastic.

Look at this adorable pup. Hollywood and I ran some errands yesterday and stopped in the pet store. We had to drag each other out!


  1. Your great granny square block is awesome! How do you do that? Wonderful selection of fabrics. Like the block design for the guild's ugly fabric challenge too.

  2. I love the quilt blocks and the potatoes look delish even if they melted! I enjoyed browsing through your blog and am your newest follower!

  3. Oh, Michele, I've GOT to have the recipe for your duchess potatoes. My boys love all things potatoes. Love your block for the ugly fabric's beautiful...haha.

  4. Pups like that are the reason I avoid pet stores at all costs.... Way too tempting


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