Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Saw this creature at my dad's house. It was really bright green, but the phone (or my lack of photography skills) didn't catch it. What is it? Hopefully it will turn into something pretty because it's pretty terrifying now.

And just to keep the eww theme going. This was my lunch the other day. Chicken livers. I've always loved these things. Grilled, wrapped in bacon, sauteed, etc. Bones loves them too. The rest of the family, not so much. In the cafeteria at the newspaper I worked they served chicken livers in a gravy sauce over rice. I was the first person in line on those days. I like calves liver too, but I don't bother cooking that. My family (and vegetarian friends) would freak. Same reason I gave up lamb and veal. Or at least don't talk about it. ;)

This little guy startled me this morning. He is living among the piles in my studio. He's moving pretty slow, so the end is near. I find their dry carcasses all over.


  1. My mom always called those bright green monsters "tomato worms." My husband's grandfather called them "tobacco worms." I don't know what they turn into, but they are evil little buggers at this stage. They love leaves and will eat up your garden in a hurry.

  2. I thought it might be a tomato worm too, but we call them horn worms. I HATE them with a passion and snip them in half with my clippers whenever possible. But I hate lizards even more and if I found them in my studio I'd freak. Once in high school I opened the kitchen door to go inside and a lizard climbing the wall was unlucky enough to get caught on the opening door and fly into my hair...after much loud shrieking and clawing on my part, he found his way out and I've never been the same...

  3. I found a tree frog in between the car door and the frame. I shooed him out onto the exterior, drove home, and when I opened the door again, there he was! Determined little pest. I wonder if I'll find his carcass soon?

  4. That caterpillar looks like one of the poisonous ones we find at my Mom's house. A different one (furry, oddly enough) stung her so bad she spent a night in the ER!


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