Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Amish Quilts

I joined a swap to trade miniature Amish quilts. This Amish Abstractions book is the bomb. The quilts are breathtaking.

It just so happened Beth was giving a paper piecing demonstration at Sew Day and the pattern she offered had a little Amish look to it.

Ta da, one finished Amish mini quilt.

The big winners from the giveaway are: Pam, Barb, and Michelle. Congratulations ladies. I'll get your goodies in the mail this week. Thanks to everyone for playing.


  1. Nice Amish quilt there.
    And RATS,. i didn't win. :-((
    But I still really enjoy your blog.

  2. I love it! So cute and simple, but striking. :)

  3. Love your Amish mini!!! Thanks for the give away!! Winning was a much needed bright spot to my week :-)

  4. I love your blue and red mini. Congrats give away winners-yay for all of you.

    Like you, Michele, I fell in love with the Amish style and was lucky enough to see the exhibition Amish Abstractions at DeYoung in San Francisco couple years ago. I purchased the book and have spent many an hour poring over the inimitable photos. Solids appear in all my pieces altho none has been solids only yet. Speaking of Yet !~!

    Bucket List: Amish mini quilts (for all i love, maybe!). I grew up near Lancaster county PA and well remember the people themselves and their immaculate homesteads. Hex signs adorned all barns and I still visualize them at odd moments under stress.


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