Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Title Would Be Nice

Crock pot rotisserie chicken was pretty good. I prefer the oven method, but it's hard to beat a crock pot recipe if you forget to marinate. I highly recommend that oven method, which is also unattended for a long time, but in the oven. Make two chickens while you're at it. You can freeze the meat successfully, or just eat it up all week long.

Because I'm half French, I drained off the drippings and made a sauce with capers, wine, and lemon juice.

I've always wanted to make Hasselback potatoes. Luckily Google understands me because I typed in Hasselhoff potatoes. I'm not sure the Baywatch life guard has a recipe for potatoes. Ya never know.

I made a quick mug rug for someone who loves orange and blue. I wonder if she's a Gator fan?

Other stuff:
  • Don't forget about my giveaway. Just leave a comment on that post.
  • I colored my hair yesterday. It's fuschia.
  • It's not yet 10 am, but I've walked into two spider webs this morning. Let's just call that my workout.


  1. Cute mug rug. Hmmmm, I'm guessing it's not for me with all those Gator colors ;-) Looking forward to seeing you rock that fuchsia hair color!

  2. Doing that spiderweb jig are you this morning already ?~! Not my favorite way to energize but hey, What'cha gonna do in a world of insects that outnumber us gazillions to one...

  3. Yum. Hasselhoff potatoes definitely look like something I could eat, despite their somewhat sketchy naming.


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