Monday, May 26, 2014

May Sew Day

Catching up around here. Nothing like a holiday weekend to pack in the fun. Hollywood made me the cutest basket of kitchen stuff for Mother's Day. She knows what I like! The little cups under the anti bacterial bottle are actually silicone measuring cups. So cute and colorful. I used the tongs today, but I've kept the basket in tact because it was so darling.  I'll dust it off next weekend.

Sew Day for our guild was a blast as usual. The block of the month was so much fun I made two! The block pattern is called Anita's Arrowhead and is a cinch to make. Our color scheme was green and gray.

 Look at all the quilters!
Cara is making a gorgeous quilt for her husband. He's been waiting patiently for a quilt of his very own. I believe he's going to flip over this beauty. We were all drooling over her fabric choices.

Pat had a fun one going up on the design wall. Some of my favorite colors too. It's going to be king size. No biggie. Pat ain't scared. These guild gals awe me all the time. Quilt warriors, all of them. 

I played around with a Red Riding Hood charm pack. I added in a few squares to round it all out. A few borders and it will make a cute baby quilt. Our guild is making them for a local organization.

I was also able to get this pinwheel quilt top basted and quilted at Sew Day. Look how close my batting is! It was a spare piece that barely fit. Worked out fine. I pieced this quilt back in the day and unearthed the top for our guild's UFO challenge. The Pinwheel Baby Quilt is a Moda Bake Shop pattern from 2009. It's a fun pattern and suitable for beginners. The edge triangles are prairie points, which were really easy. I don't always let my tops age...oh, who am I kidding. I just prefer the piecing part. At least it hadn't yellowed. 

And it's finished! I got it bound during a thunderstorm. Here it is before its bath.

A co-worker is having a baby, so this one has a home. The mom was a week past her due date when we left work Friday, so I'm hoping baby girl cooperated and decided to meet the world over the holiday weekend. It's a first baby, so lots of excitement. 

Julie helped me figure out quilting the border at Sew Day. Simple, but it got the job done. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I whipped up a salsa to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Garlic, dried peppers, red onion, jalapeno and roma tomatoes.

I found some grape tomatoes too and grilled everything on my stove top grill pan. It would have been better on the grill, but I didn't have time to light a fire.

Whir evertyhing up in the food processor. Add a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of salt. Fresh and yummy. Nothing like the jarred stuff.

Last week's roasted chicken was gigantic, so I made a batch of chicken salad. It made so much we got sick of it, but it was really good the first day or so.

Since it's Sunday, I'll show you my latest stash acquisition. Amy Butler organic goodness. So girly and bright. I can't wait to hack it up for something.

Our friend and his twin sister celebrate their birthday with a big seafood feast each year. There are always steamed crabs, which are my favorite. I didn't pass up on the clams, shrimp or oysters either.

There's always a big spread of food. Buffalo chicken dip, corn, gumbo and rice, cheeses, salads and desserts. Inspector Gadget signed me up to bring the Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread, which he loves. We made two huge loaves. I'm not going to lie, we ate for six straight hours. They are our Italian family and that's how Italians celebrate.

Jackpot! Look at the mustard on my crab. You're supposed to avoid it, but it's a rare occurrence and a true delicacy. Now off to Kobe to celebrate Mother's Day. I may need stretch pants tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day to all

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick Week

Oh my gosh, this Sun-dried Tomato Cod with Greens, Asparagus, Gold Potatoes was a real hit around here. The original recipe calls for collard greens, but those scare some people around here. I substituted spinach and left out the corn. After nearly 30 years, the Inspector is just getting used to eating green stuff. Stubborn much? Anyway, it's a quickie dish that you can whip up in no time. I have a love affair with little potatoes. These are the Honey Gold variety.

Did you watch the two minute Kentucky Derby? Horse racing makes me nervous, but I watched. None of the horses wrecked, so that was good. One of the gals at work made these Kentucky Derby cupcakes which had chocolate chips, walnuts and bourbon in them. This recipe is probably similar. They were so good. I don't usually eat sugar, but they corrupt me at work.

After a week of rain in Florida, today was gorgeous. Cooler, clear skies, gentle breeze. I love the rain, but it's nice to see the sun too. I wish I could tan, but my dermatologist is such a bubble buster. He's really pale too. Doesn't look healthy.

This guy was probably happy to feel the sun today. My first snake spotting of the year. I bet it won't be my last. Why do they love me so much?

This week's roasted chicken. I never get tired of it. I grilled romaine to go along with it. That freaks Inspector Gadget out, but then he remembers he likes it. I threw some avocado and cotija cheese on the romaine too. Kind of like this recipe but minus that killer tomatillo sauce. I'll be making the full recipe once I score some tomatillos.

Never being much of a pizza fan, I've gone nutso over this Rustichella pizza from our local pizza joint, Tartini. Put pancetta, roasted grape tomatoes, ham and arugula on pizza dough and shove it in my face. Oh, and I'll have a runny egg right in the center of the pie. So good. Let's go right now, I'll drive.
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