Thursday, October 18, 2012

Long Week

Is it me, or is this week dragging by? I guess I shouldn't rush things. The holidays will be upon us in a flash. Yesterday I dumped my green scraps out on my sewing table.

And made some green log cabins.

Six down. I think I'll do pink or red next. Or maybe yellow. I really like making these.

I found this little scrap in the green bag.

Added some logs...a roof...
 And voila, a little quilt for AAQI. I spritzed it with water and threw it in the dryer to achieve a crinkly look.


  1. Cute little house ! I love the colors .
    Yeah, it's been quite a long week to me , too.
    But I haven't got anything done this week, LOL!


  2. Fun quilt for AAQI. Loving your scrappy colorful log cabin blocks.

  3. Really fun - gotta' love those log cabins!

  4. Michele, stopping by from Sew Many Ways, Friend Friday link up to see your colorful and happy little log cabins! Love the little houses and lots of fun projects on your blog. Especially love your collection of selvage edges and the projects you make from them! I'm feeling inspired. I'm also your newest follower, hoping you will stop over for a visit and follow me too!


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