Thursday, October 11, 2012

Inspector Gadget Day

Sunday was Inspector Gadget Day. Wait, every day is Inspector Gadget Day. Did your parents used to tell you that every day was Kid Day? He received his beloved romaine hearts salad with no extra vegetables. He recently graduated from iceberg. I'm out of fresh vegetables. I couldn't just serve a big bowl of lettuce, so I chopped up some giardiniera, roasted red peppers, and made homemade croutons.

Man loves chicken Parmesan. I bread it and bake it, then top with marinara and mozzarella cheese and pop it back in the oven. I'm sure he prefers Olive Garden's version, but I'm sure my version is healthier. I even used his favorite canned sauce.
I have eleven million cans of this stuff in my pantry. Apparently the Inspector is going to crave spaghetti sauce if the Armageddon happens. I'm not even going to disclose how many tubs of Olivio margarine are hogging refrigerator space.

Two more shoofly blocks. I'm up to eight. Nine would make a cute baby quilt. Ha ha. Told you I would get bored.

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  1. I love your food posts, even though Pizza Hut is not sounding as good for supper now ;-) I have my own can collection...Rotel...yum!!!! Your shoofly blocks are looking great. Yet another project on my LONG list of quilts I'd like to make. *sigh*


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