Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Afternoon On The Lake

Sunday we spent a couple of hours on the lake. We're fortunate to live across the street from a lovely chain of lakes. Our neighborhood has a private boat ramp so we don't have to travel too far.

Hollywood catching some rays. She loves the boat. Our poor boat has been filled to the brim with screaming teens taking turns on the "Wild Tube Ride" or wakeboarding. I still cannot get up on a wakeboard. I can water ski, and kneeboard (does anyone do that anymore?), but wakeboarding is not my forte. Neither are wild tube rides. Inspector Gadget is ruthless. If he ever offers a ride on our tube, decline.

This shot is probably pixelated, but paddle boarding looks fun to me. We have gators though. The Inspector almost ran over one on his early morning bike ride last week. They are rare to spot, but I think any body of water in Florida has gators.

The day was a little cloudy. We could see a storm approaching, but it blew right away.

Here's my house. Ha. This mansion is quite old, but they've redone it. I used to live three houses down. Here's some history I found on it.
Martin J. Daetwyler, Master 1921---In 1904, Martin Daetwyler arrived by train at the Church Street depot to begin his life in Orlando. After his uncle sold the family citrus groves, Wor. Brother Daetwyler began a career as Orlando’s first nursery owner and only landscape architect. He purchased 80 acres on Lake Conway and transformed an old Georgian mansion already on the property into a showplace. He had much to do with enhancing fellow Lodge brother, Harry P. Leu’s gardens along with Lake Eola and many homes in Winter Park. Mr. Det developed his own variety of azalea,” Pride of Orlando.” Past Master, S. Y. Way said,” He is the most optimist person….” because Mr. Det predicted that the population of Orlando would reach 50,000 by 1950. Before his death, he said, “We made it.” The Orlando Sentinel said the Brother Daetwyler MADE Orlando The City Beautiful.
Apparently the house was supposed to be a school for English gentlemen to become citrus growers. I know there's a huge greenhouse on the property. It was built in the 1880's but there was a huge freeze in 1984-85 that put the brakes on the school. Mr. Daetwyler must have bought it after that.

Boats gather by the sandbar to socialize and hang out. Or maybe to conserve fuel. In the summer there are lots more boats. It gets crazy.

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