Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday In Progress

I made this sweet potato cauliflower soup. I like soup for breakfast for some reason. Especially in the winter. It's still hot and humid in Florida. We won't feel any Fall temperatures until the end of the month.

Here's the project I started. These Shoo Fly blocks are quick and easy. Let's see how many I can make before I get bored. I'm using Sandy Henderson's Farmers Market fabric line. I've been hoarding trying to find a neat project for them. My quilting buddy Wendy got me hooked on this collection. I've always been a sucker for food prints.

Ermagerd, I'm watching the seventh season of Weeds. What a crazy show.

Go roast a chicken with herbed goat cheese stuffed under the skin. I roast a chicken almost every week like this gal. It really helps with quickie dinners and lunches if you have leftovers. Not to mention you'll have fresh chicken stock if you simmer the carcass with some veggies and herbs. I serve the chicken the first night with a pan sauce that usually involves white wine and capers. The leftover meat goes into tacos, quesadillas, chicken salad, soup, or anything you feel like adding chicken to.


  1. Lovely fabric stash....not sure about soup for breakfast, It does look good enough to eat for dinner though. xx

  2. Ahh! I got a mention! Thanks! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. (I'll toast to it with that selvage mug!)

    I'm in a total quilting slump. Send me some mojo.


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