Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

WGN had The Munsters marathon today. What a delightful show! I had it playing in the background most of the day. Everyone kept asking me "what are you watching?" I must have watched reruns as a child [eye roll]. There really was color TV when I was a kid.

Good ol' Herman Munster was such a hoot, but Grandpa was always my favorite. I even featured him in a quilt over the summer. All the characters were so funny and it was fun seeing other stars playing bit parts. Harvey Korman, Paul Lynde, Don Rickles, John Carradine, and many more. I hope I wasn't the only 60s nerd that enjoyed the marathon. Alice Cooper hosted it, which was fun too.

We're ready for trick or treaters. Both kids are working tonight, so we're on our own. Bones will be barking until the lights go off. He doesn't like the doorbell, kids, or candy.

Or costumes.

I had a little fun with a mug rug today. Inspired by Barb's Whoville quilt featured at the Blogger's Quilt Festival, I made a mug rug version. Isn't Barb's quilt amazing? She told me to make one.

And ta-da! I made it through Octoberfest. Thirty-one posts. Woo hoo! Thank you so much for sticking with me if anyone did. You are the ones that truly deserve the ta-da! Happy Halloween everyone.


  1. Great mug rug...I love it and love your dog and oh yeah, those Kit Kats too! Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween Michele! Love your mug rug! I did see Barb's whooville quilt at the festival...too cute. Congrats on getting through 31 consecutive days of blogging.

  3. Poor Doggie! :) Have a great time!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! Hopefully I'll be the favorite aunt... ;)

    Three Spinsters

  4. Happy Halloween. Hope you had more trick or treeters than I did(1, my granddaughter) Love your blog, and your quilts.

  5. The mug mat is delightful!

    I watched some of the Munsters marathon too and had quite a trip down memory lane. So much fun.

  6. I looked at your "Grandpa" quilt - is that what he looked like as a young man? Yowza!
    Love the mug rug.
    <3 Terri


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