Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ugly Fabric Challenge Complete

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild issued an Ugly Fabric Challenge in August and we exchanged brown paper bags filled with ugly fabric. Most of the fabrics were actually quite nice. Mine is below.

My "ugly" fabric
I wrestled with ideas as to what to make, and decided to do what I know best had time for. A mini quilt. I did get to practice some applique and quilting, so it was a nice practice project. May I present...

The Aquarium
I had grandiose ideas about putting clear vinyl on the top, appliqueing a diver's face, free motion quilting more detail into the seaweed fabric, etc. The mini measures 12.5" x 11.5" and is free to a good home. The best part about this aquarium is that you never have to clean it or scoop dead fish out of it. Leave a comment if you're interested. We had our guild meeting today and the projects everyone made were really gorgeous. I'll link photos once they're posted.

The bread baking was not without casualties. I thought my clay Schlemmertopf baker would be the perfect vessel to create a clay bread oven. I soaked it and put it in the oven to preheat and heard a loud crack. Maybe 450 degrees was too hot. Or maybe the soaking wasn't a good idea. Thankfully, I hadn't put the bread in. I haven't used the Schlemmertopf for ages, but of course now I want to make all kinds of things in it. It's in the trash now. Hmmph!

It's not bad...I'd definitely try it again.

Look what my friend Dotty sent me. She usually sends me her selvages and I've sent her a selvage mini quilt to show how crazy quilters play with "trash." Now she's having fun with selvages! Isn't the turkey adorable? And the pumpkin is a pincushion. That Dotty! She's the queen of cute. I think I've created a selvage monster!


  1. The aquarium turned out great. What a fabulous idea.

  2. Michele, if you are offering your aquarium to a good home, look no further!!!! Ally loves fish and her mom won't let her get one ;-) How cute is that turkey selvages mini. I may have to borrow/steal your friend Dotty's idea. Adorable! Great to see you at the meeting today.

  3. I have a clay baker and I always soak it but my directions say to put it in a cold oven, with all the ingredients already in it. I don't know how one could make bread, then. cute selvage turkey!

  4. I love how the aquarium turned out! I may have to try something similar. My friend is having her first child this fall, and she's a marine mammal veterinarian. Just guess what theme she's using?

  5. I love the selvadge quilt its adorable.

  6. I love the selvadge quilt its adorable.


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