Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Stash #16

Somehow these fabrics found their way into my studio this week. Obviously gremlins have been using my credit card to shop online. I really love their taste though.

I can never resist polka dots. Red and white are my favorite color combo for polkas. The big ones are so fun. I thought the chicken wire was neato too. Reminds me of hexagons.

I didn't realize this print came in a black and white colorway. Home sewing keeps the home fires burning. Yes sir, it does!

I'm still loving novelty prints. Those lamps are out of sight, but not one lava lamp. Now I want lava lamp fabric. I bet someone makes it.

Halloween is a week from today. My thrifty gremlin found these at $1.49 a yard.

I made this triangular pouch this morning. Thanks for the tutorial, innocentia! I hope everyone had a fun weekend.


  1. Wow !! your pouch turns neat & beautiful
    I like the fabric you choose. and its color scheme has something that I can't resist

  2. Oh I forget something
    May post your pouch in my blog?
    I just want to share what other people has created using my tutorial


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