Friday, October 8, 2010

Take This Phone Away

The snaps were not good for the phone screen.

Time Waster

This worked best, but needs modification.
I'm having a blast with my new phone. Too much fun, actually. I love the fitness and diet apps, reading blogs, and being able to search the internet when I'm away from my laptop. And the map function is wonderful when I want to get somewhere and I don't know where I'm going. I have one of those Model T cars that doesn't have a GPS.

Unfortunately, the kids have downloaded several games and other nonsense. I used to be a solitaire junkie, so I probably know better than to play games, but that "Angry Birds" game is addictive. Luckily, Totino's pizzas are 10 for $10 at the grocery this week and we all have many pairs of undies.

I bought a case for the phone, but I was worried about tossing it in my bag, so I tried making a little sleeve for it today. The last picture works best, but it needs some modification and better fabric. Somehow I ran out of time. I blame those angry birds. I sure can't blame cooking and laundry.


  1. Cute phone sleeve. You know there are quilting apps too just in case you needed some more ;-)

  2. When you make another phone case, consider using a piece of lens cloth for the lining. I made a case for our GPS using a lens cloth purchased at the WalMart optical shop--I can wipe the fingerprints off everytime I put it away. I left the cover flap really long so I could give it a good wipe if needed.

  3. Angry birds is addictive, but at least you can beat it and then immediately lose interest.

    Bejeweled, however, is much more dangerous.


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