Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On a Calm Note

I haven't done traditional quilt blocks in ages. I'm good for about 12 blocks and then boredom sets in. I tried to keep this top kind of tame since the quilt will be donated to a nursing home for our guild's charity project. I was also thinking it could be either for a woman or a man. It measures 40" x 52" now, but I may add another border. It's supposed to be used as a wheelchair lap robe, so the size may be good as is. Now let's see if I can quilt this puppy.

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  1. Michele, I really like this quilt. It definitely isn't boring. The fabrics are great...for a man or a woman. If you are thinking wheelchair size, I say it's perfect the way it is. Those squares and border fabric are fun....and calm ;-)


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