Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some Finishes

I finished this mini Ticker Tape quilt a while ago, but I guess I never took a completed photo. Someone wanted to see it and I thought you might too. We made these during a guild Sew Day and everyone brought their scraps. It was fun to use other people's scraps.

I finished hand sewing the binding on this mini today. I used leftover scraps from my Waverunner quilt and then quilted the dog out of it! I had to go buy more thread.

We had a speaker at our guild meeting yesterday. Amy Allen is the founder of Global Change, Inc., which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide safe, clean water and basic sanitation to people living in extreme poverty throughout our world. Amy organized a Global Quilt Project and asked quilters all over the world to donate quilt blocks. She received hundreds and is still accepting them. Amy wanted our guild members to help design the first quilt that will be auctioned for World Toilet Day. She also asked if we could put some of the other blocks together for her so the quilts could be sold at a later time.

I chose these adorable elephant blocks. There are nine of them. Aren't they cute? Some of the blocks Amy received have stories with them. These nine blocks were made by two gals in Italy in hopes that they would make a cute baby quilt. The girls are hoping to get pregnant themselves, so I hope these lucky elephants bring them their babies. And some clean water to those that need it.

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  1. Love those elephant blocks and would like to be able to make some as well - do you have a pattern for them?


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