Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Fall Day

The weather was beautiful today. A little cooler, clear skies, a gentle breeze. Perfect for sitting outside, sewing on the back porch, bike riding, boating, and various other enjoyable activities. I fit in a few things before I was enlisted for tree work. Our huge camphor tree in the backyard hasn't had a good "trimming" since Hurricane Charley in 2004. Hubby bought some new saw gadget and went to town chopping branches. In no time, the poor tree was almost bald.

Saw on a Stick

The Crew

I'll pee here...

...and here

Mush, you minions. Put your back into it.

Wonder what camphor wood smells like when it burns?
The entire family was enlisted to haul branches to the front of the house, chop said branches into manageable garbage man size and bundle everything up. Hubby set up the gazebo so we could have some shade. We still all have funky tans after four hours in the yard. And none of this is on my blog, okay? I promised. Your lips are sealed. Bones was helpful too. He came out and peed on everything. Then he asked for a beach towel to chill on. I guess he was the supervisor.
Hurricane Charley 2004
Today's clean-up was a cinch compared to the mess we dealt with after Hurricane Charley. The photo above is just one of three gigantic oaks that went down in my yard that night. The street was blocked for days.

I made Salad Ni├žoise last night with grilled tuna. Yikes, not a very appetizing shot, but it was delicious. I had leftovers for breakfast this morning.

I did fit in a little sewing time. I'll show you more tomorrow, but I have these four butterfly blocks photographed. I'm up to 34 blocks, so I'm making progress. It's been a fun project. For more information and a great tutorial, go here.

See you tomorrow! Aren't you going to be glad when Octoberfest is over?!

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  1. I just finished my butterfly quilt! It is in the wash right now and then I will venture outside to take pictures for the blog. My husband has a saw on a stick, too and was wandering around looking for trees to trim yesterday. Watch out!


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