Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bread Baking

Melody Johnson at Fibermania reminded me of a No-knead bread recipe I've been wanting to try. If you haven't seen Melody's gorgeous art quilts, go look right now. Her quilts are amazing. She's no slouch of a cook either!

My sourdough starter from Alaska made beautiful and tangy loaves of sourdough bread, but it started growing green mold in the fridge, so I tossed it. : ( This no-knead dough sits for 12-18 hours, so maybe it will have a bit of that sourdough tang that we love. Supposedly a four-year-old can make this stuff, so I should be okay.
How easy was that? Hope it's good bread.
The great part about making your own bread is knowing what's in the stuff. I'm trying to get away from overly processed foods and bread ingredient labels make my head swim. I know most of the stuff is good for you, but 35+ ingredients?! I'm glad I didn't have to make it. I'm sure I'd leave out something important if I had to chase 35 ingredients. Unfortunately, baking bread takes time, effort and skill. This recipe has four ingredients, including the water. My kind of recipe. It's also extremely easy. Stir together your four ingredients and let the dough sit 12-18 hours.

Here it is after six hours.

P.S. I'm sorry if you got this post twice. I saw a typo and made an edit. Is it possible to edit a blog post without having to publish it again or is that a big no-no? It reminds me of seeing a horrid typo on press sheets shooting out from a high-priced printing press. If wasn't too bad, you had to let it go...

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