Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scraps, Thread and Bears, Oh My!

It started like this...
Inspired by the talented Paula Prass, I dove into my scraps this morning. I color coordinated the scraps ages ago and have often wanted to mix them all up again, but have resisted. This project was made easier by my organization. I stuck to primary colors, but I may hit the orange, purple and green scrap bags tomorrow.

I rewarded myself with a gummy bear after each little piece. I now weigh 600 pounds and only want water for dinner. Hubby is going to love his cheap date when we go out tonight.

Conrad and Sally are appalled that I ate all the gummy bears and that my scraps are in heaps. I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday and had some fun.


  1. totally awesome!!! I'm going to organize mine by color and buy myself some gummy bears too!

  2. Hmmmm...I have scraps. I have gummy bears. but do I have that much patience? They are awesome.

  3. Love the look of your scrappy blocks - how clever to have already sorted your scraps. And of course you deserved a little sweet extrinsic reward (teehee).Ciao

  4. made me laugh:) Plus I love those blocks, I may copy that idea.

  5. Hello, I new yours frient on this forum)

  6. Nice style. I would love to write that way.


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