Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Fun Day

Barbara and I at the "Happiest Place on Earth" according to Disney.
I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow quilter from my online quilting guild, the Quilting Board. Although I joined the guild three years ago and have befriended many wonderful quilters, I've yet to meet another member face to face. Barbara (Butterfly Wing on the board) and her husband David were vacationing in Florida so we were able to meet for breakfast. Barbara is a Jersey girl and keeps me in selvages throughout the year. She brought me some today too. Barbara and David were a delight and we sat through breakfast and the lunch service chatting. I'll give the Rodeo Diner a shameless plug since they were so accommodating. The food was great too. I hope Barbara and David enjoy their time in my great state. They couldn't have asked for better weather. Those 90 degree days are hopefully over. My kids both grabbed jackets this morning. It was a freezing 63, people! Brrrr!

After taking the wonderful free motion class Saturday, I spent my sewing time Sunday sewing straight lines. I sewed the dog out of this mini quilt. I did do a little free motion practice while I had the darning foot on and my variegated thread loaded. Do you ever find projects to sew when you have a particular thread or foot already ready to go?

Eek, only 27 more daily posts for Blogtoberfest. Think I'll make it? I need material. And not that kind!

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  1. It was chilly this morning!!! Free motion quilting is nice, but sometimes you just can't beat the look of great straight line quilting. Love your mini. So fun to meet online quilty friends.


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