Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Those Bloggers

'Mondrian', dress, Yves Saint Laurent, 1965 from The V&A Museum

Those talented bloggers get me every time. I've been floundering in my sewing this week, but I saw this Mondrian inspired quilt block yesterday and knew I wanted to try it. Thank you Chalet Girl for giving me back my sewing mojo.

I've always thought Piet Mondrian's grid paintings were kind of interesting. Obviously, others like the bold lines and primary colors as well. Love that Yves Saint Laurent dress and the Vans tennies. Mondrian coined this art form "Neo-Plasticism." He wrote, "... this new plastic idea will ignore the particulars of appearance, that is to say, natural form and colour. On the contrary, it should find its expression in the abstraction of form and colour, that is to say, in the straight line and the clearly defined primary colour." I wonder how these graphic paintings were received when he first painted them? From what I glanced over in his biography, he was a very talented artist and did abstract landscape work early in his career. I like his Cubism art too. Like me, he was inspired by other artists and movements and seemed to have fun making his art.

Edit 1/29/17: I was asked to link to more of Mondrian's art, so enjoy!

So I gave the Mondrian-inspired quilt blocks a go this morning. This piece is 18.5" x 18.5" and I'm raring and ready to go on to something else tomorrow. This type of art would be much easier to paint or accomplish on a computer.


  1. I seem to remember those colors ;)

    I also want to say "Thank You" for the wonderful prize I recieved todayThe Caroler".

  2. Ooooh. Let's see what you come up with. Glad you have your mojo back. Great post.


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