Saturday, October 2, 2010

Juanita Yeager Machine Quilting Workshop

Juanita's signature flowers. Her quilting will make you swoon!

Beth doesn't waste any time to try her hand at thread painting.

Rene' shows off. Look at the flower!

Judy going to town.

Mary Ann all gloved up and quilting up a storm.

Hope gave Rene's new machine a try.
Alejandrina found the perfect thread for her machine.

Margaret sewed so fast her hands were blurred!

Juanita saying hello to "Red!"

My efforts.

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild had the wonderful opportunity to have a unique machine quilting class today. The fabulous teacher was the very talented Juanita Yaeger. She came and taught us so many tips and encouraged us to get over our fear of machine quilting. She does beautiful work and makes it look so easy. We learned about lighting, ergonomics, needles, thread, batting, backing fabric, stabilizers, finishing and binding. She even worked on my "Red" and I learned that Red has been hiding needle position from me. Houston, we have needle position capability. I probably should have read that manual more thoroughly before jumping in! What a good machine Red is.

I'm encouraged to practice my machine quilting skills with Juanita's tips and tricks. Everyone did a great job and as always we had a lot of fun.


  1. I would have enjoyed this class...though since I got my Juki I actually look forward to machine quilting...the favorite tip I have ever heard is remember to breathe...


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