Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Minnie's In The House Again

It's homecoming week for my little one. Yesterday was dress like a rock star (she wore a Hendrix T and a purple bandanna). Today you had to come as a Disney character. We whipped up some ears and a red polka dot bow headband yesterday afternoon. Then I remembered she was Minnie Mouse for her second Halloween and scoured the photo albums. Wonder what we'll be creating after school today? Bring it on!

I guess they don't have 50's day like they did when I was in high school. That was always easy. Rolled up jeans, socks, loafers, kerchief around the neck, button down shirt, red lipstick. Maybe they'll have 80's day? Does anyone recall the 80's? Is that when we had big hair?

I still have the colorful quilt my baby was standing on. I remember seeing this quilt in a store and having to have it. I loved the black with all the bright colors. It's really held up quite well for being an inexpensive quilt. Since it's so heavy I only put it on our bed in the winter. I've washed it a lot too. Now that I'm a quilter, I'll never understand how they can make quilts like these and sell them so cheaply. I know some are creepy, but I have several of these store bought quilts and they're all amazing. The hand quilting on this one is way better than I could do on a good day. Maybe that's why I stick to the small projects.


  1. wow, beautiful quilt. How big is that? And can you show me how it is quilted all over by hand?(quilting pattern)


  2. She's adorable - then and now!!! Love the two photos!


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