Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday To Me

Tuesday was my birthday. The family showered me with gifts, flowers, and food. I plan to continue the celebration all week. Our guild meeting was Wednesday and I received beautiful fat quarters and the movie "Up" from Rene'. I can't wait to watch it. I haven't seen it yet. I don't get out much!

Our guild meetings are held at a fabric shop that I don't get to shop at normally. Dangerous, huh? I'll have you know I walked out of there without buying a thing last month. Not the case yesterday. These little guys just jumped into my hands. I think the blah, blah, blah fabric just about sums up my blog most days! And I'm always a sucker for funky polka dots and food prints. Pink grapefruit are my favorite. Florida has great pink grapefruit. The coral with the white trees just caught my eye and it was on sale.

My Secret Quilt Angel sent me a load of fun fabrics for my birthday. These repros are so darling. I've been itching to work with 1930's repros again. Maybe I'll chop into some on our Saturday Sew Day. Yep, the celebration continues with a full day of sewing and laughter at our monthly Sew Day. Today I'll celebrate with a visit from my mom.

I'll try to find a place to drop off the little matryoshka doll for The Toy Society. She's been hanging out in my studio, but I'm sure she'll enjoy a change of space.

I made this little mini quilt for a fun swap. I still don't get the whole Twilight fascination, but I did buy the book, so perhaps I'll learn what the hype is all about. That Rob Pattison is pretty easy on the eyes, but I think Grandpa Munster gives him a run for the money. I used vintage and modern fabrics to border the iron-on I made. The print on the right side of the quilt is a coveted print I only use for particular projects. I'm bad, right?


  1. Happy Birthday, Chele.
    What kind of particular projects do you use that fabric??LOL


  2. OK, that Vampire mini is just too clever!!! Love it. As a Twilight fan myself, I say you have to read the books!!!! The movies aren't that great, but the books are a wonderful escape from reality ;-) You bought some great fabrics. Hope you enjoy the UP movie. Isn't the most exciting gift, but thought of you when we were discussing Disney movies. Let me know if you cry. Enjoy the continuation of birthday week!

  3. First of all, Happy Birthday! Secondly thanks for reminding me that I need to do a toy or two for toy society. I want to drop them off when I go to the Bahamas later this month. Thirdly...I didn't get the whole Twilight thing till I read them. I'm totally hooked!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Your fabric purchases are great. Hope you have a great day.

  5. Happy Brithday!! have a super wonderful day!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! What lovely fabrics....certainly worth getting a year older for aren't they! Love the Matryoshka...super cute:)


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