Monday, October 11, 2010

Abe Vigoda?

Last night I dreamed I went out with Abe Vigoda. He's still alive you know. Fish, for any of you that remember that television character, was a delightful companion. Funny, gallant, gracious and a wonderful story teller. Anyhow, we had a great time until the untimely car accident. Abe was thrown from the car, but seemed like he would be fine. Tough booger, huh? He also has the prettiest long eyelashes. I woke up after that. If anyone analyzes dreams, I'd love to know what that one was all about!

Love the 3-D curtains.

A trio of wonky houses.

I love lightening.

The ol' outhouse.

Love the shrub on the side of the house.

Victorian house.

Teeny, tiny yo-yo house.

Geranium on the window sill.

Love the boldness of this one.
I adore house blocks. The wonkier, the better. It's fun to see everyone's interpretation and creativity when making house blocks. All of these were made by other quilters and are all different sizes. I've joined swaps, hosted swaps and traded house blocks for a while now. One day I'll make a scrappy neighborhood quilt.

These are mine.
Whenever I have a few minutes or need a creative outlet, I grab scraps and throw a house block together. Yesterday, I found that silly monkey head and knew it was destined to peek out of a house window.

I also made a green version of the scrap block to join the blue, red, and yellow. I think I may have that process out of my system. Maybe...


  1. I remember Fish! You're dead on about his personality - wonderful! Funny dream, too, but I don't have a clue what it means. I'm glad he was okay in the car wreck! Ha!
    Fantastic house blocks - especially love the monkey.

  2. Love all the houses. My fav is the one with the lightning. I haven't done any wonky houses in a while... I miss them. They are so much fun.


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