Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Drank the Kool-Aid

Butterfly Blocks (is that caption thing new?!)
It was bound to happen. I couldn't resist all the darling butterfly blocks floating around in blogland. They're just too cute! I know I'll probably miss someone, but I first saw them saw on Brown Dirt Cottage who saw them on Cactus Needles who saw them on Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts . The Mrs. saw them on Choccy Bangles' blog . Phew! How's that for a blogland project family tree?! Mrs. Schmenkman's blog has a wonderful tutorial. Thank you for the inspiration ladies!

I only have six blocks made, but I'm getting into a better rhythm with them. Each block has seven pieces, and needs to be trimmed 12 times (gulp), but thankfully the backgrounds can be wonky. I like wonky.

Antique Butterfly Quilt
This is one of my cherished antique quilts I've had for years and years. I got it somewhere in my travels. There's probably a good story behind it, but dang if I can remember. It's in excellent condition and beautifully made. Note the little butterfly blocks. I tried to figure out this pattern when I first started quilting and could never get it right. Now I laugh that I couldn't figure it out. Duh! I mean, wow, I've learned a lot in three years. That math stuff still makes me sweat, but it has become easier.

Here's a shot of the entire quilt. Aren't the fabrics fun? Anyone know a circa? I use this one on the bed when it gets cold in Florida, so it's not used very often. I'll have to drag it out and study it some more. It's funny how much I notice and admire now that I quilt.

And just to stay out of trouble, I cut some wedges from a Chocolate Lollipop jelly roll. I'll slow you where I'm going with these soon. I fell in love with this fabric collection during the pink and brown craze. What can I say, I'm easily influenced.

I hope you are finding time to create and have some fun. Be good.


  1. Oooooh!! Cute!! How DO you have this much time???

  2. wow, beautifull work: the colours are very fresh ,i like it very much
    ciao Ale

  3. I first saw the butterflies on Amy's blog. They are so fun. Your antique quilt is a real little treasure.

  4. Oh MY Michele....Your antique butterflies are sooooo Fabulous!!! LOL...yes, there seems to be a lot out there drinking this same Kool Aid!!!
    Isn't it amazing that this block is so simple but has A LOT of trims and steps to it!!


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