Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, Monday

Happy Monday! I received a package this morning and it rattled. I knew it was a slate cheeseboard, so I assumed it broke during shipping. Nope, it was the metal handles rattling around. Yay! I ordered some cheese knives as well, so I'm ready for a cheese party. There may be wine involved too. Anything as an excuse to buy and eat cheese.

I use my blog as reference for many things, recipes, sewing and quilting projects, snake encounters, etc. I'm defrosting the turkey meatballs I made last month and wanted to see when I froze them. I made them on September 14, 2013. What was funny was when I did a search, I also made them on September 14, 2012. Same exact recipe. Bookmarked and photographed for reference. I raved about them back then too. Ha ha!

I finished the little pumpkin mini quilt this morning. Hope my friend likes it. I was going to try some free motion quilting in the white part, but my test/practice piece looked horrible.

Anyone watching The Walking Dead? As if zombies weren't bad enough, now there's a flu that turns you into a zombie. I'm also getting a little sick of them poking zombie heads through the prison fence. Wouldn't that get old?

Look! My first tomato. I'm a bit excited.

Don't forget the Shabby Apple dress giveaway.

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  1. Hello! I'm stopping by your blog as a fellow Blogtoberfest participant and wanted to say:
    1) Thanks for talking about Shabby Apple! I'm a fan of vintage clothing, having worked in costumes for many years, but I never heard of Shabby Apple so I am going to look at their catalog
    2) Loved your previous post about eating appetizers for dinner - LOL!! I love, love, LOVE appetizers for dinner, especially at a party where the variety can be vast so you can try out many flavors of foods at once =-)

    I will be popping back to see what other projects you are working on in the weeks to come =-)

  2. Your new cheese board looks like it's begging for cheese! Nice board. And yes to the cheese!
    The pumpkin quilt-let is very cute! I like your backing fabric as well. I'm sure your friend will love it.
    Walking Dead - yeah, poking zombie heads looks pretty darn disgusting. I would want a mask and goggles! And the thought of the flu or whatever - shudder! I think I'd lock myself in the cell every night, just in case someone wants to eat my brains. I hate to think what they'll think up next! Sounds like it's time for a run to the Rx for antibiotics and start dosing everyone.
    I'm enjoying your blog so much this month. It must be tough to blog every day. I'm been very lax of late and not blogged at all. Bad blogger!

  3. Walking Dead. I still don't understand why everyone didn't move to Woodbury - much nicer accomodations. But okay, if you have to live in the prison, yes, lock yourself in! And I can't believe they haven't built a real fort by now. Nice high wooden walls. and surrounding that a moat filled with piranha or gators. By the way, I think the flu just kills you - it's death that makes you into a zombie. Any death.

  4. oh and when the zombie horde was leaning on the wall in one place? loved the zombie head smushing through the chain link fence. awesome.

  5. September 14th is now National Turkey Meatball Day. Mark your calendars!


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