Thursday, October 3, 2013

Throwback Random Thursday

I really enjoy seeing old photos. Everyone's going to be bummed when all these hard drives and storage methods fail. Myself included. I haven't printed a photo in years. Here's an oldie of me that appeared in our local newspaper. My friend of 44 years, Doug, posted this on Faceplace. I'm the bearded lady on the left. That was my real hair. Only the beard is a prop. I'm kidding. But I did get a perm in the 80s that looked a little like that. My first grade class performed a circus for the school. I was also the horse tamer.

Frico grilled cheese sandwiches. How have I never fried cheese on purpose? Everyone knows it's the best part.

50% off coupon for Jo-Ann compliments of the Quilted Cupcake. Valid until Halloween. Are you like me? Get to Jo-Anns with a purse full of carefully collected and clipped coupons only to find out everything you want or need is already on sale and you can't use a coupon. Probably just me.

Yesterday was my 700th blog post! I didn't realize it until today. To celebrate, I'm giving away this calendar I thought I had to have. It's a Modern Quilts Datekeeper and has gorgeous photography of modern quilts. Unfortunately, I need a real calendar with the days of the week indicated. I would be mega confused using this as my regular calendar. This type of datekeeper works great as a perpetual calendar to record birthdays, anniversaries, birth years, etc. I have one I've used for years for that purpose. Leave a comment if you're interested. I'll ship anywhere.



  1. Love the calendar (and thanks for the giggle). And thanks for the chance!

  2. LOL...I thought I had a lot of hair! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I like the idea of this kind of calendar along with great quilt photos. I follow your blog in Old Reader and always enjoy your posts. Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for that laugh at the end of the post. Too funny! ;) I don't need the calendar. I need the days of the week as well. ;/

  5. I like the idea of a perpetual calendar. I'll throw my hat in the ring!


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