Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Long Day

I tried this Italian Lemon Roasted Chicken last night. This picture is before it went into the oven. I used Meyer lemons and fresh herbs. It was pretty good. I get so excited when they put those fancy little taters on BOGO at Publix. I got a bag of purple ones too.

The chicken I used was gigantic, so I used the leftover meat to make chicken salad this morning. Everything but the kitchen sink is in this stuff.

I've shown a quick glimpse of this old Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt before, but today I got it down to refold it and think about doing some repairs. It's a big quilt, 66" x 88" and is hand pieced and hand quilted. I cannot remember where I bought it, but I do remember it being a steal.

The fabrics are fun. Lots of bright florals.

Even several novelty prints. See the cowboy on his yellow horse? I imagine the fabric scraps were from discarded clothing.

A couple of places have been repaired or patched over. Or maybe the quilt maker didn't have enough blue border fabric and had to insert something similar. She (or he) sure was close if that was the case.

This is the damaged spot I'd like to repair. I think I can make a hexie that would cover the worn spot. Or maybe I should just slap a square patch on like the other repair.

The binding is a yellow and white striped seersucker. So sweet.

I found this very interesting: What A Week of Groceries Looks Like Around The World.

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