Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Shenanigans

This patchwork pumpkin caught my eye this morning. Into the scraps. I love having pre-cut squares, but I did have to cut some extra orange squares.

All stitched together complete with a stem.

Then I got ambitious and made this complicated cake for Sunday night dinner. It was really hard. Layer 6 ice cream sandwiches in a square pan and top with Magic Shell, chocolate, or caramel sauce. Trim ice cream sandwiches as necessary to fit. I threw on some chopped Milky Way candy bars too. Then layer six more ice cream sandwiches over that. Top with more Magic Shell, Cool Whip, candy bar crumbles and more Magic Shell. Freeze.

I plan on spending the afternoon by the grill. This is my favorite barbecue cookbook. I give it as a gift to anyone who enjoys grilling.

The link above for The Barbecue Bible is an affiliate link. For some reason I'm supposed to disclose that. Now I can cash that million dollar check when Amazon sends it. Ha!

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