Monday, October 7, 2013

Brand Spanking New Week

My mom recommended a cheery and uplifting movie to me, Columbiana. It's about a little girl from Columbia who turns into an assassin to find the people who killed her family. Lovely, mother. It was really good though. Another fun show to watch is Zombies: A Living History on the History channel. Egad, I need a Brady Bunch marathon stat.

Not sure if I showed my finished and washed bow tie quilt. I had a quilt photo shoot on my neighbor's driveway over the weekend. Our driveway was filled with cars and muddy sprinkler system repairs. I keep seeing fun places to shoot quilt pictures, but I'm stumped as to how to hang them. Or if I'd get arrested.

This one is done too. My neighbor might need to pressure wash for my next photo shoot. I'll let him know.

Here's what I threw in the crock pot yesterday morning. I sat a big chuck roast on top of a bed of onions, and covered it in beef broth, balsamic vinegar, tomato paste, Italian seasoning, and tons of garlic.

After about four hours, I threw in onion, carrots, celery and mini portabello mushrooms.

I forgot to take a picture of the platter with everything on it, but this is what it looked like after eight hours total. The gravy was out of this world. I had gravy lovers of all sizes for dinner.

Those same gravy lovers are bread lovers too, so I whipped up these easy Herb Cheese Rolls. I used cheddar and asiago cheeses and fresh rosemary, oregano, and basil. You just roll them up like cinnamon rolls and slice.

They were a big hit served warm out of the oven. Next time I think I'll just bake them in cake pans like I usually do with cinnamon rolls.

I could go for some Fall weather. It's still hot and humid in Florida. Buggy, too. I have gigantic wasps in my studio wall that are driving me crazy. They dive bomb me when I go out and buzz incessantly when I'm at my sewing machine. I did get a chance to make our guild's block-of-the-month. It was a fun one.

Still playing with selvages. I'll show ya tomorrow. Linking up with Made by you Monday.


  1. congrats on your various projects, but especially for a gorgeous bow-tie quilt woohoo and mmmm dinner looks yummy. me want.


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