Saturday, September 14, 2013

Imagine a Title Here

Giada was making these Italian Turkey Meatballs, so I thought I'd give them a try. They were really good. The addition of spicy turkey sausage gives them some zing. The tomato sauce is yummy too. The recipe makes a ton, so I froze half for another day.

Alejandrina brought me some lemon grass, so I made chicken stock. It smelled wonderful cooking. Lemon-y chicken, veggies, and herbs. They should make that a candle scent. I divided it into portions to use and freeze.

I remembered to label the containers. Check out those vintage Tupperware labels. I bet they're older than my kids. Usually I just write on blue painter's tape if I remember to label. I found some beef barley soup in the deep freeze. No label. It's really good soup, so I hope it's not too old. It didn't kill me. ;) I'm pretty good about cleaning the freezers out.

We've been eating simple meals. Baked hot wings, veggies, and blue cheese dip. College Boy's favorite meal. One of mine too!

Cubans and black bean soup. Think I added enough garnishes to my soup? Another family favorite although only three of us eat beans. College Boy has been bean free for decades. I blame his buddy in daycare who bad mouthed beans. I'd love to find that kid and see if he consumes beans and peas now. Bet he does.

One night I grilled romaine lettuce hearts and topped them with a warm bacon and red onion dressing and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese.

I had all intention of sewing a bit this week, but got carried away by other things. I did get a gigantic (90" x 90") backing pieced together. I found the drunkard's path blocks somewhere along the way and used some of my big hunks of batik fabrics.

Here's the front which has been patiently waiting since March to get a backing. It's the Easy Street Mystery from Quiltville. Adding borders wasn't working so well, so I left them off. I'll send this off to the quilter soon.


  1. gorgeous quilt and omigod you're killing me with the food, as always.

  2. your Easy Street is gorgeous. and your food looks awesome, as always.

    why are you not as famous as Martha Stewart yet?


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