Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cheese Head

My new favorite breakfast is smushed Hass avocado topped with scrambled eggs on toast. Not as good as the Greek omelet (spinach, feta, egg), but I'm trying to keep my cheese consumption to under a pound a day. It's a struggle. Had to eat duck liver for lunch. Bones was pretty happy about it.

This gigantic papaya was really good. I'm a novice at learning when they're ripe, but I think I nailed it. I like it with lime juice and pepper. Have you ever tried the black seeds? They taste like a flavorful pepper.

Inspector Gadget had a hand in making the olive, sun-dried tomato, cheese bread last night. He picked a bushel of jalapenos before dinner and decorated half of the loaf. Spicy.

I started Christmas shopping over the weekend. Can someone remind me in December that I have gifts hidden in the guest room closet? Thank you.

We tried the Pioneer Woman's Salisbury Steak last night. I used an obscene amount of onion because someone always complains that I don't add enough onions to everything. Problem solved. I aim to please and I like onions too.

And I thought I was a Pinterest junkie. This gal is truly addicted. Love her. Love her lots. I'm going to check out her pins when I get a spare minute. We have similar food likes.

Wait, what?

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