Saturday, October 5, 2013


I started quilting yesterday afternoon. I thought I had an idea of what I wanted to do.

Blech. My idea looks icky and cornered me right away. Plus, I used navy thread in the bobbin and I could see some of that on the top. I think the different types of threads threw the tension off. I hate un-quilting more than I hate un-sewing. Luckily, I didn't get far for the first quilting attempt.

Round two. How about diagonal straight lines? Yeah, that's the ticket. I eyeballed a diagonal and used blue painter's tape to mark it. Then I quilted yawn-inducing straight lines approximately the same distance apart.

Then I did some wavy lines going the other way. The wavy lines were much more fun tolerable. Will I ever finish?

Quilting was still boring. There were numerous snack breaks. I put popcorn kernels in a brown lunch bag, fold over the opening, and nuke for 1-2 minutes. I usually throw in spices before and after. Parmesan cheese is good too. It's a great way to make chemical-free microwave popcorn. Plus, it's cheap. Melted butter is really good on it. Don't you love my fancy serving bowl?

Yay! All done. I did a self binding with the backing fabric. There were hurdles, but I got through them. Now to toss it in the wash. It already looks crinkly with all my man handling while quilting. So happy to finish and work on something else. Whew.


  1. I have to take numerous snack breaks too when quilting. I really like how you quilted this. Plus it's done. Yay for that!

  2. Quilting is my least favorite part of the process and by that I mean I hate it! I think your wavy lines look great. They contrast nicely with all the straight lines in the quilt.

  3. You make bread baking look so easy! Love the food, BOM & finished quilts!


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