Tuesday, October 22, 2013


What's up chicken butt?

Had a little fun in the scrap bins yesterday. Colorful log cabins in the making. Some of these are courthouse steps because I always get screwed up doing log cabin blocks. I was going for an improv look anyway.

Eek, scary dolls.

I roasted a couple of garlic bulbs yesterday. My house smelled so good. I think Yankee Candle should consider roasting garlic a candle scent. Right after they make a chicken stock one. I like smearing the roasted cloves on bread or tossing them in mashed potatoes. I might even eat them plain.

My favorite vinaigrette: lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. This combo really wakes up a salad. It's also great on avocado.

Oh hello, pumpkin plants! Don't you love the way I Macgyver'd the ceramic pumpkin? It didn't crack as cleanly as the instructions indicated. It's getting all Little Shop of Horrors and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes around here. It doesn't help that I have the movie Cujo streaming in the background. The mom and kid are trapped in the Pinto at the moment.

I've always loved Stephen King's books. Scared me to death as a kid, but I devoured them. I talked my mom into reading Christine when she was camping and as she was outdoors reading, her car windows exploded. First and last Stephen King book she ever read. Ha!

Oh snap, Cujo's in the Pinto. This is not looking good.


  1. I love Stephen King books too. The Stand is my all-time favorite and I heard they have a "deleted scenes" version of the book now. Am almost afraid to ask, but how did your mom's car windows explode?

  2. oh yeah, those are scary dolls. icky. The viniagrette is similar to one I make, but it needs 3 cloves of minced garlic added in. I really like Stephen King's short stories and novellas but the novels tend to bore me. All the ones after Salem's Lot that it. Ditto Donna's question about the exploding windows.

  3. Love the blocks. I miss sewing! Oh, remind me to send you some altoids next time I have a package for you! LOL I love garlic, roasted or otherwise, but I couldn't eat it straight up. You will definitely be keeping the zombies and vampires away from your house.


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