Monday, October 14, 2013

Duck, duck, goose

This is how far I got on my pumpkin before I went out to lounge by the grill yesterday. The fabric on the right side might be a binding. I'm making this into a small wall hanging for my friend. I found a plethora of lemony recipes this morning before work. My Pinterest Savory Board is filling up with all kinds of recipes to try.

It was a beautiful day yesterday. The humidity has dropped considerably. I can tell by my chapped lips. It's funny how your body/skin gets accustomed to humidity. I found a nice duck and decided to throw it on my charcoal grill. Here's a great tip to score the fatty skin: an X-acto knife. Get a new blade and sterilize it. Gently rake the blade over the skin taking care not the cut the flesh. I have sharp knives and forks, but I couldn't get through the thick skin very well. The X-acto knife worked beautifully.

I cooked the duck a couple of hours using an indirect grilling method and a few hickory chips. Duck skin has tons of fat, so you'll need a drip pan. The fat is why cooking duck in the oven can be a big, smoky mess. Ask me how I know. Grilling is the way to go. The crispy skin is the best part. I had haters that talked about ordering pizza, but they gobbled duck like they had never had it before. I don't think some had. It was a nice change from my usual Sunday roasted chicken.

I made salad caprese for one of the haters, since it's her favorite. I reduced balsamic vinegar into a glaze and poured it over ripe tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and capers. Season with extra virgin olive oil and S&P. Serve piled on grilled baguette slices.

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