Saturday, October 12, 2013

I Love the Weekend

I had some charm squares left from making a pincushion, so I cut some solids and made a little mini quilt this afternoon. I'm not sure if it will grow or stay this size. It would work as a table topper or car seat quilt for a baby. I used the coolest prints from the charm pack for my pincushion, but there are still some neat ones in there.

My Boos Block cutting board arrived this morning. This thing is huge. 18" in diameter. That's a big papaya on it. I've had my eye on these cutting boards for ages. My bamboo board has lasted a long time, but it's starting to show wear. I couldn't beat the price on this one. They're usually pretty expensive. Maybe I'll take care of this one and give it a mineral oil rub every now and then.

Found this clever and colorful turtle drawing during clean up today. The little feet kill me. They look like a lower case "b."

The herbs are loving this weather. Or maybe the normal waterings and fertilizer.

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