Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blahblahtoberfest (aka Blogtoberfest)

Warning, warning, it's Blogtoberfest. Also known as Blahblahtoberfest. Blogtoberfest is an annual blogging festival that encourages you to blog every day in October. It's an opportunity to meet other creative bloggers and share what you're doing. I guarantee you'll meet some kindred spirits and laugh daily.

This is my sixth(!) year of participating and if anything, stick around to see how "creatve" my posts get by the end of the month. I apologize in advance. I do find it a unique challenge and love seeing how others enjoy the process of sharing. Plus, you'll see tons of inspiration, free patterns and projects, and a few giveaways too.

Stolen from the Internets
Awww, piglets are so cute. We've been on a pork kick. Bacon, ham, Italian sausage, pork chops, oh my. I stuffed our homegrown jalapeno peppers with feta cheese and wrapped them with bacon. Only 200 more jalapenos to deal with. The guys had Italian sausage and pepper sandwiches Monday night and I'm making rosemary pork chops tonight.

The ham I cooked was awful. Dry and not a lot of flavor. Luckily the Inspector likes ham salad. If you have a good recipe for ham salad, please share. I made these sweet potato biscuits to go along with the ham. They were excellent. We were joking that the pig that supplied that ham must have been into aerobics and only ate parsley. The ham produced no drippings, so it ruined my butter beans too. I may need Ham 101 lessons.

Spotted this adorable Eiffel Tower paper piecing pattern yesterday. Just the project I needed to start my week. The tower is part of a quilt along {Big City Girl QAL}, but I didn't have time yesterday to figure what it was all about. I may have to go back and check out the other contributions. This is why I love blogs! I learned to sew online and thank each and every person who inspired and continues to inspire me. Let's get this Tuesday going.

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  1. Love that Eiffel tower block.

    I know you don't eat sweet, but if you're family does I have a great solution for the jalapenos. The friend who makes it calls it Cowboy crack! You pickle the jalapenos (sweet) and then dump them over cream cheese to be eaten with crackers. Its always a big hit at parties. I can't find my recipe right now, but maybe google would help.

  2. I'm amazed at your paper piecing skills. Clever use of background fabric.

  3. Bacon seed, hahaha!!!! Love hurts.

  4. I haven't blogged in so long, I've probably got enough floating around in my head to write 31 blog posts now. But I'm already a day late... We grew jalapenos last year and you are right, we ended up with WAY MORE than we could eat. Then we got the puppy and she ate them and the plant. No more jalapenos. But stuffing them with feta is new to me, but sounds like something my family would LOVE!


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