Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

Sew Mama Sew announced the Lark Doll Quilt Contest today. The deadline to submit photos is November 14. There are prizes! I have their new book Pretty in Patchwork Doll Quilts on my wish list.

Credit: Noble Pig
I found this crab cake recipe on Pinterest. Oh. my. I must make these for a Chili Cook-Off party we're going to next week. Inspector Gadget said he wanted to make the chili with his habanero peppers, so I'll bring an appetizer. I was going to make Chasen's Restaurant's famous chili. My mom has made this for years and it's really good. Elizabeth Taylor obviously liked it:
"The chili is so good. All gone now. Please send me ten quarts of your wonderful chili in dry ice to 448 Via Appia pignatelli. - Love and kisses, Elizabeth Taylor."  - Elizabeth Taylor, on location in Rome, 1962
Ten quarts, Liz? I guess she was feeding the entire crew. My friend is expecting 15 pots of chili at the cook-off, so I should really talk.

More painting on fabric. This is for a Swap-bot swap to celebrate their 100,000 swap. Ernie (the Swap-bot happy envelope mascot) had to be featured in some way. I decided to make a Ernie mug rug for my partner.

I'm loving soybeans lately. You can get them in the frozen food section and some stores carry fresh soybeans, but they're a little pricey. The frozen variety are reasonable. This salad was so simple, soybeans, radish, red pepper, feta and a simple vinaigrette.

Dotty's lastest selvage creation, "A Cup of Kaffe." I love me some Kaffe!

It was a good mail day. Someone sent me this book of 19th century doll quilts. The quilts are darling.


  1. I am going to have to try those crab cakes! I am so addicted to's amazing!! What a wonderful post and so many pretty things.

  2. Keep posting those recipes! I'm going to try the soybean salad tonight!

  3. Do you know I've never had soybeans in that format? They look really yummy. I need to try that!


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