Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homemade Hot Sauce

Inspector Gadget has been wanting to make hot sauce from our homegrown peppers. We started out with this recipe as a guide and went to town. We did substitute red pepper for the green pepper.

Here's our initial photo of ingredients. Plus sea salt, red pepper and vinegar. We only used half of the tomato and added in some red pepper because the color of the sauce was icky after the first blend. Inspector Gadget got a quick blender lesson and is on his way to becoming a hot sauce master. The sauce is fresh tasting and bright. Hot as hades. We really should bottle it and sell it as a decongestant and/or paint thinner.

 It was taco night last night and we used the sauce as a condiment. It'll put hair on your chest! ;)

My bowtie pasta quilt top. I started making these little (3.5" x 5") blocks eons ago with red and white scraps. I quit after 60 blocks. Pretty good for my attention span.

I'm already bored with these blocks. Maybe another day I'll be inspired to make more. I enjoy the process of sewing so sometimes finishing isn't as important to me. I guess I just like to play.

Somebody crashed into my baby while my baby was driving it. No injuries or major damage, thank goodness. Danica (Rubbin's Racin') tried her best to avoid collision, but she just couldn't get out of the way. The gentleman who plowed into her was so apologetic. Dani handled the situation perfectly even though Inspector Gadget and I drove to the accident scene to be with her. It's been fun dealing with his insurance company. Blech.

On a happier thought, I'm glad he has insurance and that he was so polite to my daughter. Yeah, let's go with the happier thought. Now go wrap a kid or two in bubble wrap.


  1. what are those - Scotch Bonnets or Habaneros???? aaaghhhh!!! no wonder it's hot!!! eeek about your dd and car - glad she's safe and it's fixable.

  2. Glad the accident wasn't worse. Boy those peppers look hot.
    Love your log cabin type blocks.


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