Saturday, October 1, 2011


Inspector Gadget showed me a photo of the two pepper plants and the trash can basil when he first planted them in June.

Now look at our garden! It's been great having fresh basil to cook with. I put it in everything. There have only been a few jalapenos, but the habaneros are very plentiful. Too bad they're so stinkin' hot. I have to use them sparingly. If anyone has any recipes using habaneros, I'd love to have them. Can I make habanero vinegar? College Boy had chopped habanero on his quesadilla yesterday. Malibu Barbie took some to her boyfriend who likes to cook.

I may get cocky and try tomatoes and lettuce now that it's a little cooler. I'd love to have parsley and rosemary too. And an avocado tree. Now I'm just talking crazy.

Not much sewing going down this week with family in town and work, but I did manage to play with a hexagon block using Jay McCarroll's Habitat collection. I wanted to surround the entire hexagon with the light purple, but I ran out of it. Now I'm bored with it. I'm ready to try something new today.


  1. How about make it into a bag with hoop handle with grandma's bag style?


  2. When I had a habanero plant that produced like crazy, I found a recipe on line for habanero cookies. Not my favorite thing I've made, but tasty and interesting.

  3. habanera chopped up with sweet fruit and cilantro as a base for salsa.

    habanera with other peppers, cilantro and vinegar as a base for hot sauce. not to much of this, please.

    on both, can them up in little jars or freeze.



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