Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 21

Photo by: Romulo Yanes
Here's a quickie dinner. Most people have the ingredients for Pasta Carbonara on hand. Bacon, eggs, pasta and cheese. If you get adventurous, throw some minced garlic in after the bacon is somewhat rendered. Red pepper flakes if you like some heat. The recipe calls for poached eggs, but you can toss your beaten eggs with the cheese and fold it into the pasta. Kind of like cutie Tyler's recipe. Being French and all, I love that whole poached egg as the sauce thing. Runny yolks rule. Plus, they make a rich sauce for anything they top.

College boy likes his foods separate, so he ate his poached egg first, thereby ruining the dish. Who raised that child?! Malibu Barbie is like my mom, no egg yolks whatsoever. She ate at her friend's house. I also didn't eat egg yolks until I was an adult, but I'm making up for it now. Serve your pasta with a green salad, sauteed spinach, roasted asparagus or a crudite platter and dinner is ready in a flash.

If you're over 40, did you get your mammogram this year? If not, go schedule it. I'll wait. I had mine Wednesday and it truly took about five minutes. And probably only one total minute of boob squishing. Which doesn't hurt. Plus, I got nipple stickers! Now how cool is that? Okay, they were kind of rough to remove, but I was sportin' pasties for a whole five minutes. Too much information, right? Sorry.

Our local newspaper has a "Ticked Off" column. I thought this comment was funny.

Our November BOM is a liberated rose. Tomorrow is our guild's Sew Day. I'm really looking forward to escaping hard drive failure, not doing laundry and sewing with my quilt buddies all day long. I hope the laundry and housekeeping fairy does a good job while I'm gone. I crack myself up.

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