Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Time!

It's October! Feel that cool in the air? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas will be here before we know it. Love this Lego Man costume!

I enjoyed Halloween as a kid. Even when my parents cheaped out on their only child and made me go as a bum. (I did get a store bought Mighty Mouse costume one year.) The bulges in my bum pants...wadded newspaper. Whaaaa? I guess I was supposed to look frumpy. I believe I'm wearing my father's boots as well. Probably slow going around the 'hood that year. Love that hat though. I would totally wear that hat now. I remember it well.

Once I could decide my own costume, my friend Tina and I would brainstorm for months beforehand. We were pizzas one year, gift boxes another and one year when I worked at the paper, I was a newspaper vending machine. Why Mr. Vampire, you're getting a little close to the goods. I just noticed the macrame wall hanging on the wall. Were those still in fashion in the late 80s? I have no idea where we were.

I loved helping my kids choose and make Halloween costumes. College Boy was a pirate his first Halloween. He's been a vampire, Batman, ninja, bloodied skateboarder, etc. The girly girl has been Minnie Mouse, numerous princesses, and a lady of the night (in my eye). Trick or treating was officially over after that year.


  1. Love the blog tonight. Fun read. The pic of you in the pizza costume could be your baby girl. Mini You!

  2. There were 5 kids in my family. I recall more than once at least one of us going as a bum, and my hubby says he and his brother had to be bums almost every year (he has photographic proof!) Poor bums, how must they have felt?

    Love the newspaper machine, and I noticed the macrame before I even read the text of your post! Too funny. Can we say "child of the 70s"?

  3. Ok, I just reread your last two sentences and I am now laughing out loud (at work!) !

    p.s. your folks must have had the same camera as mine....


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