Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Color All Around Me

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) fashion color report for fall is out. Pretty, huh? I always enjoy the names they come up with. I might have to find some Kona solids in these colors.

Speaking of color, we're really addicted to these mini sweet peppers. I'm on my second bag. We eat them as snacks, grilled, cut up in salads, stuffings and stir-fry. I also stuffed a few with a goat cheese, basil and sun dried tomato mixture. Leave it to me to make vegetables fattening. Fried okra for dinner tonight!

These poor-man's Turtles are easy and quick to make. A small pretzel topped with a Rolo candy and baked for about five minutes. Then top with a toasted pecan. Hollywood doesn't like pecans, so she sandwiched the candy between two pretzels. Hint: buy the single serving rolls of Rolo instead of a bag of them. You don't have to peel all the foil off.
Inspector Gadget ate his on vanilla ice cream.

My morning crafty party was crocheting. Knitting didn't gel with me. Too hard and very awkward for me. I saw a crochet class on a blog and gave it a try. Much easier for me. I have crocheted before and started a simple ripple afghan in high school, but never made it very far. I would love to be able to crochet those amigurumi animals.


  1. The snacks look great! Especially the turtles. It's funny how different people have different ideas about knitting and crochet. I can knit easy but could never crochet. I don't know what to do with just one needle. Knitting has one needle for each hand!

  2. Yum on the Turtles - I might have to try that!! And I LOVE the fall colors - now I'm all excited to go shopping this weekend!

  3. Never mind the fattening, they're yum. And goats cheese have calcium and sun dried tomatoes have potassium. So they're still good!

    Next time send you make some send some over?


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