Monday, September 30, 2013

See Ya September

This is me after last week. Real work was busy with rush jobs and deadlines. My stress level was up there some days. No selfish sewing time for me. I had dreams about work. By Saturday morning I was planted on the couch trying to decompress by watching inappropriate television I'd recorded during heck week.

I did get away to go to the produce market, but that was a necessity. I paid an arm and a leg for these cherry tomatoes, but they looked and smelled the best. Do you smell produce? I get some looks sometimes. The summer tomatoes are fading fast.

I roasted the tomatoes with garlic and basil and tossed them with some ravioli. Everything flat bread and salad made a quickie meal. The flat bread dough was just my artisan dough that keeps in the fridge. I rolled it out and topped it with everything I had in my kitchen.

I did get a chance to sew Saturday. My stitch and flip top is finished. I had to add two more rows to love it. Without the two extra rows, it needed something. I tried solid white borders with a few stitch and flip blocks sewn it, but it looked awful. Unsewing happened. Seam ripping white thread on a white background is challenging for 50-year-old eyes. I'm going to start using contrasting thread on iffy sewing choices.

I had enough extra blocks for one row, so I sewed that on. Then I made more blocks and added one more row and the size looked more cohesive. Yay! It finished at 48" x 55". I found a large hunk of navy blue fabric, so I stitched that together for the backing. I think I will quilt this one myself.

I loved this Thai Butternut Squash soup. I've been eating it for days. Yummy. I went on a butternut squash kick a few years ago. I can't get enough of this squash. Especially as soup. You can probably tell how much I like it by my Pinterest soup board. I want to make every one of those soups this Fall and Winter. Soups are my favorite thing to cook.


  1. I was in the same boat as you for Selfish Sewing Week -- let's celebrate this week, OK?
    Your dishes always look sooo goooood!

  2. Since you like butternut squash soups, you absolutely must try Moosewood's Sweet Potato Apple Chipotle Soup. Friends of mine have made it using butternut squash in place of the sweet potato and it's still yummy!

  3. Sad to hear your selfish sewing week was sidetracked by reality ;-). Love your flip n stitch quilt top. Perfect size. I hear ya about the contrasting thread

  4. I love how the quilt turned out. Did you once call it the Hugs and Kisses quilt or did I imagine that? Its what I think of when I see it, any way, and I really like it.

    The soup is really tempting. How spicy was it? The sprite and I don't do spicy and the husband doesn't do squash soup. I'm never sure about curries...

  5. Good call on deciding to add more rows to your stitch and flip quilt. I usually know when a project of mine just isn't quite right but it still feels like eureka! when I figure it out.
    I'm following your pinterest board now - I can't resist good soups!


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