Friday, September 10, 2010

More Yummy Food Blogs

Thanks to everyone who sent in links to new food blogs. They're good ones that I haven't seen. I get so hungry reading food blogs. Oh who am I kidding, I can always eat.

Our Best Bites
Parsnips Aplenty
Cook Like Your Grandmother

I found this silly one on my own. So much for sewing this afternoon! I have blogs to read!

I finished my doll quilt for the September Doll Quilt Swap. The theme was "Fall" and I think this represents Fall in Florida quite well. Practically nonexistent! Having lived here all my life I don't miss seasons, but I do appreciate the beauty of Fall colors in places that are lucky enough to have seasons. A little snow might be fun too. Maybe a little more than we received in the Blizzard of '09!

My son had to make a snowball. Silly Florida boy!

Bones is still kicking. Well, chilling I should say. Look at him trying to nap while I snap pictures. I love the paws sticking out. We don't cover him up like that; he figures it out himself. It's been over seven months since his back was first paralyzed. He's doing quite well with no lasting effects. A month under the laundry basket crate and he was raring to go. He has a bit of a swagger now, but it suits his personality!


  1. Wow, Your doll quilt with leaves turned out gorgeous!!
    I am trying to copy it on my own, but it is too silly of me that I got all the same shaped half leaves at first!! I am working on another half odds to go with now. This one is going to be something bigger than I had expected,LOL

  2. These posts inspired me to look through some of the recipe links I haven't made yet, and I ended up making this for dinner last night.
    It was absolutely fabulous, and I had it again for lunch today. (There was some left for lunch only because Alex isn't feeling well and I made myself not be a glutton!) I had to share it with you. The dill makes it really unexpected.


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